Posted: Jun 06, 2023

Burke County and the jurisdictions of the Town of Girard, City of Keysville, City of Sardis, City of Midville, City of Vidette, and City of Waynesboro are beginning a five-year update of their Joint Comprehensive Plan that was previously adopted in 2018.  The plan update will be prepared according to the 2018 Minimum Planning Standards set by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs and the Georgia Planning Act of 1989.  This initial public hearing is being held to explain the process for the plan preparation and the opportunities for public participation in the development of the updated plan.  The affected governments intend to appoint citizens to participate as part of a Stakeholder Committee to work with planners for the plan preparation.  In addition, broad citizen participation at every meeting related to the plan preparation is desirable and recommended.

The plan document, estimated for completion in draft in August, will ultimately be submitted for review to the Central Savannah River Area Regional Commission and the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.  Plan approval by October 31st, 2023 is required to maintain Qualified Local Government (QLG) status for each government, per the Georgia Planning Act of 1989, allowing continued eligibility for State loans, grants, or permits for another five years.


The public hearing will be held in the Old Courthouse at 602 Liberty Street in Waynesboro, Georgia 30830, on Tuesday, June 13, 2023 beginning at 5:30 PM

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