Are You Due a Refund?

Posted: May 16, 2016

We are attempting to locate the following people to return money that is due them.  In most of these cases, cash bonds were posted in lieu of property bonds and the person posting the bond did not return to the Sheriff’s Office to obtain their refund once the case reached its final disposition.  The names of persons listed below are persons due the refund and does not imply in any way that these persons were arrested.  Over the years, we have attempted to contact them but have been unsuccessful.  Refund amounts range from $8.32 to $2150.00, the oldest case was in 1984.

In order to receive the refund, you must show valid picture identification and be able to answer relevant questions.    If you are one of these people or have contact information, call Maj. Bailey at the Sheriff’s Office @ 706-554-2133. List of persons:     Jimmie Gross     Joseph Daniels     Larry Griffin     Callie Lewis     Malcolm T. Cole     Patricia Outlaw     Donnie Atkinson     Keenan C. Zellars     Grover Davis     Allen Leon Stewart     Archie J. Schmitz     Claude D. Williford     Ibrahim Mounkaila     Boris Ponvoski     Dan Darnell     Sasimo Penda Santos

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