State Court


Judge Cox Takes Oath of Office

We are so excited about our youth in Burke County showing an interest in how the law operates inside of the courtroom. If you are interested in shadowing the Judge on our State Court calendar days, please contact the State Court Judges Chambers. 

State Court Judge, Jackson Cox presides over a Mock Trial at the Burke County Academy of Success. The event was organized by Dr. Thaddeus Shubert to teach students about the aftermath of drug use. 

Burke County State Court Judge

Jackson E. Cox

PO Box 89

Waynesboro, GA 30830


State Court Administration:

Jennie Oglesby

Email -

Phone: (706) 554-3460

              Fax: (706) 554-3462           



The State Court of Burke County Georgia is located at 602 N. Liberty Street, Waynesboro, Georgia 30830 in the Burke County Courthouse on the 2nd floor.

State Courts have countywide jurisdiction over misdemeanors, traffic cases and any civil actions where the Superior Court does not have exclusive jurisdiction. They can hear applications for search and arrest warrants and can hold preliminary hearings. 

For information on your Misdemeanor and Traffic violations please contact the State Court Solicitors office at 706.437.0464.

For information on your Civil matters please contact the State Court Judges office at 706.554.3460.

For information on all State Court records please contact the Clerk of Courts office at 706.554.2279.