Burke Transit

Burke Transit

Burke Transit provides rural transportation on a per call basis.  Office hours are Monday-Friday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Closed weekends & holidays.

Phone # 706-554-1660.  Call to request service.  At least 36 hours advanced request usually required.

No charter service available.  No van rentals available.

Burke Transit Fare Information:

Burke Transit provides transportation within Burke County and to Richmond County.  Transportation is provided for medical appointments, pharmacy visits, school, work, & shopping.  Wheelchair access is available, call 706-554-1660 to specify and to receive information on available services. 

For riders ages 60+: roundtrip within Burke County is $6 and $18 for a roundtrip to Richmond County. 

For riders under age 60: $8 roundtrip within Burke County for medical appointments and pharmacy visits, $10 roundtrip for school and work.  And, $22 roundtrip to Richmond County.

References and Resources concerning Burke Transit & transportation information

  Burke Transit Title VI Plan

 Notice of Rights Title VI

 Title VI Complaint Form

  Follow this link for the ADA Discrimination Complaint form.  After completing & submitting the form, the complaint will be reviewed by Transit Administrative Staff: https://www.ada.gov/t2cmpfrm.htm

 Burke Transit ADA Reasonable Accommodations document Burke_Transit_ADA_Reasonable_Accommodation_policies_and_practices.docx

 Follow this link for the Civil Rights Complaint Form  Civil_Rights_Complaint_Form_for_Transit.pdf

 To contact LogistiCare (Medicaid recipients only),  call 888-224-7988

Seniors seeking information on various transportation options in our region, may contact the Area Agency on Aging at 706-210-2018 or 866-552-4464