Shopping and Dining

Shopping and Dining

Whether it's filet mignon or crispy, Southern Fried Chicken, there's a place in Burke County to Satisfy the craving.  Waynesboro offers several different types of eateries and a drive out into the county lengthens the list of options.  In town, diners may choose an atmosphere of elegance at a local cafe' and enjoy a glass of wine over a supreme salmon filet.  On the more casual side, authentic, open-pit bargeque joints pile plates high with pulled pork, barbequed chicken, ribs and more.

To satisfy a sweet tooth, the bakery, popular with locals and visitors alike, is sure to offer just the right cookie, cake or cream cheese dessert.

Waynesboro and Burke County have restaurants to suit nearly every taste, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, seafood, Southern home cooking and more.

Nestled in between Waynesboro's downtown eateries are also a host of gift shops and specialty stores that help keep downtown alive. Other stores areound town range from national chain stores to locally-owned and operated hardware stores that still let regular customers "settle up later."