Bid Opportunities

We have the following opportunities to do business with Burke County:

Request for Proposal

Communications Signal Amplification at the Burke County Judicial Center

 The Burke County Board of Commissioners is accepting bids for the following service, labor & materials required to provide a passive DAS cellular communication system and a Public Safety BDA system located at the Burke County Judicial Center (200 East Sixth Street Waynesboro GA).

The Burke County Board of Commissioners is constructing an 82,000 sqft 3 level judicial center to include the following spaces: courtrooms, office space, vaults, and inmate housing. Utilizing 2-way radios and mobile devices, it is crucial that law enforcement, public safety, and courthouse staff and officials receive optimal signal and reception in all areas of the building. The inmate housing area is below grade and will require signal amplification for adequate communications. The vaults and courtrooms located on 2nd and 3rd level are central to the building and may require amplification dependent upon signal strength. 

Questions about the responses to the Request for Proposal should be directed to:

Loren Barnhart, Burke County I.T. Director
Burke County Board of Commissioners
Submit three copies of the proposal. Proposals must be sealed, and addressed to:
Burke County Board of Commissioners
602 Liberty Street
P O Box 89
Waynesboro, GA 30830

Proposals must be submitted by 5:00 PM on October 9th, 2018. They will then be submitted to a committee which will award the contract.

Firms responding to this proposal must be available for presentations or interviews during the week after the proposal deadline.

Please include the job name on the outside of the envelope.

Detailed RFP

Addendum to RFP






Request for Proposals for Indigent Legal Defense

The Burke County Board of Commissioners is looking to contract with attorneys to provide public defender services in State Court in Burke County.  Qualifications are listed below:

Education and/or experience:

Graduation from an accredited law school.  Admission to the Bar for at least 3 years and some criminal experience required.  Desire to work with indigent people charged with crimes and the challenges faced by those clients within the criminal justice system.

Certificates, Licenses, Registrations:

Admitted to the State Bar of Georgia, the Supreme Court of Georgia, and the Georgia Court of Appeals.

Working knowledge of: rules of evidence, legal principles, criminal law and trial procedures; State and Federal law pertaining to specific trial assignments; legal research methods; and, ethical responsibilities.

Working ability to: perform legal research, investigate and analyze evidence and legal problems; communicate effectively orally and in writing; prepare cases and provide legal counsel; prepare reports and legal documents; and, deal effectively with clients, members of the legal profession, public officials, and the general public.  Counsel may also be required to locate services to assist clients as needed.  May include appellate representation.

Duties include representing clients charged with misdemeanors in the State and Magistrate Court of Burke County.   Attorneys may also represent private clients in Burke County State and Magistrate Court in the same court sessions as they are attending as the public defender. This position requires signing of a one year contract to represent these clients in these Courts.  The contract may be renewed annually.  Contractors are required to attend at least one annual  training session focusing on representing indigent clients in the criminal justice system.  The first court date for this contract is in the first week of October, 2018.

Generally, cases are appointed at arraignment, calendar call, and probation revocation hearings on the day of court.  However, on other occasions, cases may be appointed prior to court and the information about the client will be faxed to the attorney’s office from the Law  Office of the Public Defender, Augusta Judicial Circuit.

This contract may be awarded to a firm or an individual attorney.

Funds are available when needed for investigators, experts and translators. 

Interested lawyers/firms should send a letter of interest and a resume to Merv Waldrop, County Administrator via email to to no later than October 5, 2018 at 5:00 p.m.